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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. On this page, you will find information about insurance, costs, scheduling, appointment hours, and other counseling practices and policies. If your questions do not appear below, call or email us. We'd be happy to answer your specific questions.



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  • How Many Sessions Will We Need?


    Research tells us that therapy results when meeting weekly for about six weeks. This generalization may or may not apply to your situation or needs.

    However, during a relationship crisis, many schedule bi-weekly sessions at the onset and continue until the crisis subsides and the relationship stabilizes. Then, once progress is evident most progress to bi-monthly sessions and eventually to the occasional check-in.

    Finally, contact us to discuss your relationship particulars.

  • Which Insurance Policies Do You Accept?


    Open Door Therapy is an independently owned niche private practice – not an agency or managed care group. Our focus is singular: to provide you with the highest level of care.

    As a result, we do not work as an in-network provider for insurance companies. Additionally, since we work privately and directly for you, we do not share your personal information or details of your therapy with anyone, ensuring your privacy and confidentiality.

    Additionally, working independently and together, we are free to determine the number of sessions or treatment approaches to accomplish your goals. Instead, we will have ongoing conversations about your progress, and together, we will determine how to proceed and at what pace.

    Upon request, we will provide an insurance-acceptable receipt for individual counseling sessions only, as there is no insurance code for marriage counseling services. For money-saving options, explore our counseling packages.

    What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


    We accept all forms of credit and debit cards. When you complete your New Client Intake Form you will provide the card you want to use to process your payment. addition, some of our clients use their Health or Flex Savings Plan to pay for services, as we can generally directly charge cards associated with your employer-sponsored HSA or FSA account.

  • Do You Offer Evening or Weekend Hours?


    Both! You can have your counseling session as early as 9 AM Monday through Friday or beginning at 10 AM Saturday or Sunday.

    You can schedule an evening appointment as late as 7 PM Monday through Thursday.

    On Fridays, the last scheduled appointment begins at 4 PM.

    Our weekend hours begin at 10 AM, with the last appointment at 1 PM.

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  • How Effective is Online Counseling?


    Very! The key ingredient in the therapeutic setting is that the clinician and the clients can see and hear one another. It's also important for the clinician to be able to see the non-verbal interactions of the client or couple. These objectives are easily attainable with virtual counseling.

    New research into the effectiveness of online counseling all point to excellent clinical outcomes regardless of whether the therapist and clients are physically present or in an online session.

  • Why Choose Open Door Therapy?


    Open Door Therapy has emerged as New Jersey's most trusted relationship counseling service. Why? Two reasons: First, our excellent outcomes, and second, our outstanding office practices. Relationship outcomes are so impressive primarily because of our approach to relationship care.

    Our unique approach to relationship counseling is the centerpiece of our care, and it works. We view a romantic relationship as a bond of intimacy that occurs through emotional engagement and physical and sexual connection. These two aspects of intimacy work together to help couples establish and maintain an intimate bond. When this bond is secure, couples feel safe, trusting, and free to express themselves. As a result, love opens up and expands.

    Conversely, trust and safety diminish when the intimate bond is weak or damaged as emotional and sexual expression declines.Individuals and couples come to us when their intimate bond is no longer functioning as it should. We specialize in restoring and strengthening the crucial romantic bond.

  • What Are Your Session Options?


    Open Door Therapy offers a spectrum of session options to suit your relationship counseling needs.

    We offer the standard 60-minute counseling session as well as two Extended Single Sessions in increments of 1.5 hours or 2.0 hours. The Extended Single Session is designed for a one-time intensive session to sort out a particular issue.

    We also offer telephone sessions for those who prefer it.

    For more details on these options please see our services page.




A Word About Insurance

Terri DiMatteo, LPC is an out-of-network provider and is not listed with any insurance panel. Fee-for-Service Payments are collected electronically just prior to the start of the session. If payment cannot be processed, the session will not occur. Receipts are provided, on request, for individual sessions only. Should an individual client choose to file an out-of-network claim it is the client's responsibility to contact their insurance carrier to determine their plan's out-of-network benefits, coverage, deductible and to file their own claims. Terri DiMatteo and Open Door Therapy have no direct relationship or involvement with any insurance carrier.

Please call us at (908) 403 - 9300 if you have additional questions.