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open door therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Listed here you will find information about insurance, costs, scheduling, appointment hours and other counseling practices and policies. If your questions does not appear below, call or email us. We'd be happy to answer your specific questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check, PayPal, HSA/FSA and all major credit cards.

Some of our clients choose to use their Health or Flex Savings Plan to pay for services as we are able to directly charge cards associated with your employer sponsored HSA or FSA account.

How effective is online counseling?

Very! What’s clinically relevant to positive therapeutic outcomes is that the therapist can see and hear the client and note the subtle, non-verbal communications. With online counseling, the therapist can easily observe all the subtle interactions, expressions, and micro-behaviors from the computer monitor that help assess and counsel competently.

Some who inquire about our services are insistent on securing a therapist ‘in person’; however, what’s truly critical for optimal outcomes are the skill set and competencies of the therapist -- regardless of the delivery method.Open Door Therapy is a niche private practice that focuses exclusively on relationship repair. As a result, clients can rest assured that they are receiving expert and competent care for their relationship repair needs.

A critical factor in the therapeutic process is that all parties involved feel physically and emotionally safe. With the ever-changing landscape inherent in these precarious times, online counseling can offer the peace of mind that all parties feel safe and secure. Assuring physical safety and peace of mind is essential for positive therapeutic outcomes.

Do you offer evening or weekend hours?

Both! You can have your counseling session as early as 9 AM on Monday through Friday or beginning at 10 AM on either Saturday or Sunday.

You can schedule an evening appointment as late as 7 PM Monday through Thursday.

On Fridays, the last scheduled appointment begins at 4 PM. Our weekend hours begin at 10 AM, with the last appointment beginning at noon.



How many sessions will we need?

While it is impossible to offer a specific response without knowing you and your particular concern, a general guideline is that when there is a relationship crisis, bi-weekly sessions occur on the onset and continue until the crisis subsides and relationship stability resumes.When there is no relationship crisis, weekly sessions are the norm. Then, once substantial progress has been obtained, most progress to bi-monthly sessions and eventually to the occasional check-in. Contact us to discuss your relationship particulars.




A Word About Insurance

Terri DiMatteo, LPC is an out-of-network provider and is not listed with any insurance panel. Fee-for-Service Payments are collected electronically just prior to the start of the session. If payment cannot be processed, the session will not occur. Receipts are provided, on request, for individual sessions only. Should an individual client choose to file an out-of-network claim it is the client's responsibility to contact their insurance carrier to determine their plan's out-of-network benefits, coverage, deductible and to file their own claims. Terri DiMatteo and Open Door Therapy have no direct relationship or involvement with any insurance carrier.

Please call us at (908) 403 - 9300 if you have additional questions regarding insurance or marriage counseling costs.